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10, June 2020

Seven benefits of inbound marketing

Post written by María Caravantes

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There are few sectors that change as much and as fast as marketing. This constant updating has to do directly with people and with the evolution of consumption habits. People do not live, work or consume as they did ten years ago, and brands have had to adapt to a new paradigm in which traditional techniques are crushing and ineffective. The consumer no longer seeks to be sold the excellences of a product that is put in front of their noses as has been done throughout the 20th century, what interests them is to see themselves identified from a concept and to feel that they are part of something . All this sums up in inbound marketing and we want to tell you about its benefits.

First add value, then sell

An inbound marketing agency seeks to generate this empathy by developing strategies that serve to attract and engage clients making the most of the tools and possibilities that digital technology offers us.

From a methodology based on offering valuable content and the dissemination of these through different channels (email marketing, social networks, blog, etc.), the user’s attention is attracted and accompanied throughout the sales process. From the beginning and in each of the phases of the funnel proposed by Inbound, we must offer the consumer adequate content that is of interest to them without saturating them or limiting ourselves to suggesting that they buy our products or services without further ado. It should not be forgotten that inbound is a non-intrusive friendly technique.

The advantages of inbound marketing are numerous and the benefits of correct implementation are indisputable. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that when such a strategy is launched, the results come in the long term. The processes and tactics that are executed in Inbound (organic positioning, reinforcement of the brand image, creation of a community with a high rate of engagement, etc.) are highly effective but require time.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Attract traffic to the website

One of the main advantages of Inbound Marketing is that it allows us to create our own organic channel through a content strategy and SEO positioning.

From a corporate blog in which it is disclosed with articles of a truthful and interesting nature on topics related to our sector, we will be able to answer numerous questions from users who will naturally find us in their searches on Google (if we optimize each post previously with SEO techniques).

The objective of the blog is not to sell directly through it, but to show that we are a benchmark and an authority in our field of action. Nothing speaks better of a brand. In addition, unlike advertising, in which a specific amount of money is invested that translates into potential customers only during the time that the campaign is active, with the articles the flow of interested users is constant because the content that it has been created does not expire. It is always available to anyone anywhere in the world.

Generate leads

One of the main objectives of marketing professionals is to attract leads. A lead is a contact or registered user based on a form that has decided to transfer their data to a company in exchange for specialized content, a subscription to the newsletter, promotions and offers or any other benefit.

From the moment this transaction occurs, the user becomes part of our database, which facilitates continuous communication with him and allows us to offer our products or services in a personalized, non-intrusive way and, above all, with Your consent.

Provides its own database

This is one of the most important assets. We do not need to buy a database of random users that we know nothing about and who in all probability have no interest in our content. Sooner or later those users will unsubscribe from our mailing list.

Having a database created by ourselves from our own marketing actions is a safe bet. Each of these users has voluntarily decided to receive information about our products and news because they are interested in what we do. This is a valuable resource for the campaigns that we want to launch. Taking care of our audience and our content, this database will not stop growing.

Automate tasks

Once we have a healthy and quality database we can start with the automation. Thanks to different marketing softwares like Hubspot or Mailchimp, we can count on a lead scoring and lead nurturing system that you will provide us with all the necessary information about each of our records. In this way we will know in which phase of the funnel they are and the communication that we establish with them will be more effective and appropriate for the moment in which they are (if they have just registered, if they have been in business for a while and have ever made a purchase or not, if you show interest in the contents, etc.)

Provides a comprehensive approach

In inbound, numerous channels are used to reach potential customers: web, blog, social networks, automation, email marketing, landing pages … If all these elements are included within the same strategy, communication from all of them will be consistent , with which we will transmit security and confidence to our prescribers and potential clients.

Improve user-brand engagement

Two fundamental principles of this marketing strategy are interactivity with the user and generating long-term relationships with him.

Most outbound marketing tactics see the audience as a passive element, the mere recipient of a message. In inbound the opposite is sought; it is based on the principles of interactivity with the user and on generating long-term relationships with him. How? Through a real conversation with the audience where the feedback is reciprocal (answering questions and comments on different channels, providing information when required, conducting surveys or even offering entertainment content).

Let us know the behavior of the user throughout the buyer’s journey

One of the best things about Inbound Marketing is the immediate availability of data. Each marketing action we undertake can be measured using different digital analytics tools. Thus, the objective information we collect from each one will tell us what works and what works worse in our tactic. This allows us to modify it whenever necessary to guide it towards the results we seek.

At Onion Studio we are very clear that carrying out any action without measuring or studying the result is ineffective and involves the waste of resources and the investment we make. Therefore, measuring also serves to maximize the benefit as much as possible.

These are just seven advantages of inbound marketing, but the truth is that it has many more benefits for any business interested in improving its digital presence. Have professionals from a digital agency who know how to execute a step-by-step plan previously designed after the study of The needs and strengths of a company is essential to truly grow a brand. inbound marketing is a smart strategy that really works and this is the perfect time to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

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