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30, April 2020

Yoast SEO 14: the biggest update for your SEO in WordPress

Post written by Juanje Izquierdo

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The recent updates to version 13 were starting to show some clues as to where the biggest (and best) plugin SEO for WordPress would go. So it has been: Yoast SEO 14 has just been launched , and the change is infinitely for the better.

Improve performance, the main objective of Yoast 14

A plugin as essential as Yoast 14 was experiencing an expansion of resources and consumption typical of the great backbone plugins of WordPress, such as WooCommerce or Elementor. However, since the previous version Yoast gave noticeable signs of worrying about it.

With the release of version 14, the change has been huge. From now on, the entire architecture of the plugin is stored in its own database table, making it easier to query and thus lightening the weight of the entire article structure.

That table is called indexable, and it is the first thing Yoast will ask you to update (and will not do it without your permission) as soon as you update the latest version of the plugin . As of today, 14.0.2. With this new architecture it will be much easier to relate objects, attachments, redirects and even schema markup. A bomb for the architecture of your search engine positioning .

In the same way, indexable greatly facilitates migrations. The only essential requirement is to be able to update the PHP version from a minimum of 5.2 to 5.6. Many hostings already have 7.4, so if you don’t have this version, you should really talk to your hosting.

How to generate Yoast 14 indexables for all your pages?

The more pages Yoast has registered in indexable , the better the SEO performance of your website. Of course, the plugin will go through the site on its own, but in addition to that Yoast incorporates several tools to account for the entire website.

  • Every time a content update or post is done, Yoast will generate an indexable,
  • Every time you visit a page whose indexable is not ready, Yoast will generate an indexable that improves loading time,
  • Yoast provides a tool in the plugin configuration to add the indexable ones of the entire website at once (be careful: we have tried it and in really big sites, it is convenient not to do it in environments of production),
  • To top it off, they have added a command WP CLI to allow the Administrators add indexable ones through the command line. If you don’t know WP CLI yet, we’ll prepare an article about it soon.

Prepared for a WordPress headless , the nod to the Yoast 14 developers

Many of our projects (like this same portfolio) are already based on a WordPress headless (or decoupled). The advantages are endless, but we will tell about that later. The important thing is that Yoast 14 has improved its API to facilitate integration in these work environments.

Now, for web development, all the metadata of a post created with Yoast SEO are accessible through the Rest API. As they explain well in their article launch , the advantages are endless, and is that the real benefits of using indexable is all that can be built from them.

Yoast SEO improves support in Spanish

Title, description, tags for robots, canonical URL, exit schema, OpenGraph and Twitter metadata … All of Yoast’s own information to improve your SEO positioning will be available through the API. However, for those who do not require it and prefer to save the installation resources, they can deactivate it from the configuration.

Yoast 14: a gigantic step forward

Due to the performance improvements, its new data storage structure (to top it all, optional for those who choose to do without it) and the possibility of accessing a Rest API, Yoast 14 seems like an essential update.

As usual, we recommend making the updates with a backup and testing environments, but our experience can only be described as positive. As you can see from now on in its new global development function, we can only say … welcome YoastSeo ();

Header photo of Kaleidico in Unsplash.

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